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Электронное портфолио Морозовой Е.Ю.

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Стихотворения, рифмовки

Little Keys
Hearts like doors will open with ease
To very, very little keys;
And don't forget that two are these:
"We thank you all!" and "Will you, please?"
Mr Sun
When Mr Sun lights up the skies,
I sit right up and rub my eyes;
I dress myself with greatest care,
I brush my teeth and comb my hair;
Then, walking off to school I go
To learn the things that I must know.
The Rain
The rain is raining all around.
It falls on fields and trees.
It rains on the umbrella here
And on the ships at seas.
The Wind
Oh, I want to know
What does the wind do?
Where does the wind go,
When it does not blow?
No one can tell me,
Nobody knows,
Where the wind comes from,
And where the wind goes.
Little Snowflakes
Merry luttler snowflakes,
Daning through the street,
Flying in our faces,
Falling at our feet.
See the pretty snowflakes,
Falling from the sky;
On the walls and house-tops
Soft and thick they lie.
Twelve Good Hours
Twelve good hours in every day,
Time for work and time for play,
Twenty-four for day and night
Some for darkness, some for light.
Once There Lived a Girl
Once there lived a girl,
And she had a little curl
In the middle of her forehead;
When she was good,
She was very, very good,
But when she was bad, she was horrid.
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