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Электронное портфолио Морозовой Е.Ю.

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It runs and runs,
But it'll never run out.
It flows.
Who knows
What I'm talking about?
My face is black,
As black and night.
On it with chalk,
All pupils write.
All right!
But it is disgrace
When they forget
To wipe my face.
It is running
Night and day,
But it never runs away.
Never planted,
Still it grows.
What's the answer?
Now who knows?
Has no legs,
But just for fun
It is always
On the run.
What goes up when the rain comes down?
It does not speak,
Nor does it sing,
Nor at the door-bell
Gives a ring,
But still it lets
Its master know
That someone wants to see him.
Higher than a house,
Higher than a tree,
What can that be?
My friend is a man,
My wife is a hen,
My child is a chick.
Who am I? Say quick!
It gives us milk
And butter, too.
It's very kind
And likes to moo.
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